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An Earth Day Blessing

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We are authors, workshop facilitators, artisans and offer angel and spiritual readings.

We are affectionately known as The Angel Ladies and our mission is to help people rediscover their joy and purpose in life. We do this is a variety of ways!

We invite you to browse through the website and see what the Angel's have in mind for you.

Angel Message For April:

Dear Ones,

There are days when the whirlwind of life catches you up and you have little choice but to go where it takes you. We know that there are so many demands on your time and many responsibilities to bear.

But dear one, it is vital that you take time every day to ground and be in the quiet. It is essential that you recentre and rebalance so that you are better able to enjoy your time to the fullest.

You have choice in this. Taking time for yourself is just as important as getting adequate rest and eating a proper diet. These all contribute to making you stronger and better equipped to handle the whirlwinds that come from time to time.

When you take time to sit in the quiet, you are recharging your soul. It also allows us an opportunity to speak to you and offer guidance and answers to those things that are concerning you. When you take time to reflect and allow the stress of the day to slide off, it gives your whole being a chance to catch up with itself.

Dear one, life is hectic and busy. Make it a practise to connect with Spirit as you rise in the morning and before you go to sleep, but also in the course of the day to just stop and breathe deeply. You will discover that you have more energy to move through your day with confidence and joy.

The Angels Address: World Tensions

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