Angel Amulet Session

In this special reading, you will choose from a selection of angel amulets or charms categorized by theme or purpose. You'll recognize the one that "calls" to you. Simply select the piece that feels good, or whose colours draw you - this angel has a message, work to do with you.

Deb will then read the piece, interpreting the messages of its angel with its insights and guidance for your life.

Readings cover:

- The blessings your angel brings you

- The message the accompanying angel has for you

- The name of the angel working with you and their message for you.

- Other information that can assist in your goals, dreams and concerns.

Skype and Phone Readings:

Readings are 20 minutes in length and are available via Skype or phone. The cost of the reading, including the angel amulet is $60. There is a wonderful collection of angels from which to choose. Call 905-468-8448 to arrange yours!

Email Readings

Live at a distance? Do you have a busy schedule? Deb will send you an email reading with a picture of the angel amulet and willsend it to you in the mail. The distance reading is available for $60, including shipping. Call 905-468-8448 to arrange yours!

Payment options

We accept VISA and Mastercard payment over the phone. Canadian residents can pay via Electronic Money transfer. Or pay conveniently with Paypal below.

Angel Amulet Phone/Skype Reading $60

Angel Amulet EMAIL reading $60