Specials for May

Assorted Angels - Get six for $50

Every day you see a new need.  A friend is having a tough time with a relationship, a family member is encountering a health challenge, a little token of thanks, a random act of kindness, a gift for an elderly neighbour is feeling lonely.... the list is endless!
Deb's little angels have been messengers of hope and love everywhere they go!  Backed by a lovely card with uplifting spiritual words, they suit every situation and occasion. Everyone loves angels - signs of comfort, hope and assistance.

Call Deb at 905-468-9502 to place an order with your credit card, send an e-transfer to theangelladies@sympatico.ca or pay with a credit via paypal.

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Hour-long Dreamsmith Prosperity Phone Consultation  with Jean $100

This session gives you indepth insights and a broader range of options you may implement to breathe life into your dreams. 

Spiritual Abundance!  Online 12-week Prosperity Course   Just $90 to register!

We are delighted to announce a new session of Spiritual Abundance, starting May 17th with an online session from 7 p.m. till 8 p.m.

If you are looking to bring greater abundance – and by that we mean more joy, satisfaction, energy, love, laughter, wellbeing, and prosperity – into your life, this is the course for you! 

This is not a course for people looking to get rich quick or to get a billion dollars; it’s for people like you and like us: people who would like to see greater prosperity in their lives but have no desire for solid gold forks and faucets, people who would like to live well and have more money to do good in the world.  It’s a course for people who have watched the Secret and read a book or two and haven’t yet flipped the switch to that happier, more abundant life.

Join us for daily emails, weekly classes, and a private Facebook group for between-class discussions and sharing in a congenial community of like-minded friends!   Register by May 6th and be a part of a special bonus session May 10th!

Join us!  Details here: http://www.abundantperspectives.com/spiritual-abundance-course