Phone Readings

Angels are outside of time and space and therefore a phone reading with Jean is very much like sitting across the table from her.

As Jean channels your angels you receive guidance and assistance on any issue that is presenting or concerning you.  It is important to know that angels do not predict nor do they tell you what to do.  They will not interfere with your free will.

The reading is always uplifting and supportive, respectful of your journey and spiritual growth.  An angel reading will never offer information that will upset or frighten you.

If desired, Jean can also bring in wisdom from the tarot, which further amplifies the message of the reading for you.

Half Hour reading - $70      Full Hour -$125.     See below for payment details.

The Three Blessings EMAIL Reading


The teaching that blessings come to us always but we may not realize it, leaving them unclaimed, is found in both religious and spiritual teachings. The Angels speak of this, too, reminding us that blessings are showered upon us always, but often, like unopened gifts, are not received. 

In this reading, the Angels will reveal three important blessings coming to you.

You'll learn:

- how they can impact your life

- how to cooperate to receive them more easily 

- why they come to you

- how to work with them to create positive change in your life.

- You'll hear from the Angels who bring the blessings, receiving a message from each of them     to help you make the most of these special gifts. 

This is a written reading, not available by telephone. The Angels have instructed us to write what is given so that the words of your blessing Angels will be available throughout the year for your study and guidance.

It takes about an hour and a half (about a half hour per blessing) to compose a Blessings Reading. Powerful and indepth, it can offer you great insights.

Payment Options

All readings prepaid at time of booking; readings will be scheduled at mutual convenience. We can accept your VISA/Mastercard over the phone at 905-468-8448 or via email money transfer.   You can also pay online through Paypal below.

Payments via Paypal

30 Minute Phone Reading $70

60 Minute Phone Reading -$125

Three Blessing Email Reading $175