Year With the Angels by Jean
Your personal 2020 Month-by-Month Angel Forecast!

Remember the children’s night prayer?

Your angel is with you not only to protect but to guide you, and when we ask for that guidance, they gladly offer information to help you experience life more gracefully, comfortably, and successfully. 

In this phone session, the angels will offer you insight into the helpful and challenging opportunities of each month so that you can move through the year feeling empowered.

Negotiate the challenges more effectively, take advantage of growth opportunities, find greater peace, make 2020 a really happy new year – with the help of your angels! 

Sessions are detailed, going up to 90 minutes, taking you through the trends for each month and offering angel guidance as you go. 

Because of her busy schedule, Jean is only offering a few of these popular readings per week - so book ASAP!

Phone Reading: $175  about 90 minutes in length.

Detailed Email Reading: $369, ready to print out for reference all year long. This reading is written and can run up to 20 pages.  It takes Jean many hours to receive and record the messages for you.

Email Jean at or call 905-468-8448 to book your session.   If it is for a loved one, let us know so we can send you a gift certificate you can print off for handy gifting. 

Payment Options:

Send along an electronic transfer to  You can also pay securely via the Paypal portal below.

2020 Year Ahead Forecast
$175 - PHONE session (3% processing fee)

2020 Year Ahead Forecast
-WRITTEN session  (3% processing fee)