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Special offer till January 15th - Save $40!

A Year with the Angels

Twelve months of Angel Messages, Spiritual tasks, Guidewords and more -

delivered to your inbox every month!

Imagine having the holy Angels as your spiritual teachers.

Imagine having them guide you through 2022.

Imagi​ne having a message to inspire you and bring you peace.

You can!

Life is hard, but the Angels offer tremendous comfort and reassurance. Their wise words are for everyone, regardless of religious or spiritual tradition. In times of confusion, they offer direction. In times of fear, they offer courage. In times of happiness, they offer deep joy.

The Angel Ladies pray daily for friends, benefactors, those who request prayer (on Facebook, the group is called Prayers Asked and Answered), and the world at large. In our prayer, we asked, “How can we better serve? How can we help people work with the Angels?”

In response, we were given the plan for this Year with the Angels Guide. 

If you have been seeking seeking spiritual support and guidance or feeling the need to deepen spiritual roots in these challenging times, the angels are calling to you.


Guiding us through 2022 

Each month, you will receive an Angelically-inspired email containing:

- a guideword to serve as your monthly focus

- a spiritual practice chosen by the Angels for your growth that month

-a journal theme on which to focus

- an Angel message received specifically for those journeying through 2022 with the angels


The Angel Ladies' gift to you - When you sign up, you will be sent an angel of your own to carry or wear as a reminder that you are accompanied each day by an Angelic Helper.

Your Investment

Twelve monthly installments delivered to your inbox, including an exclusive angel message.  Sounds awesome, right?  We are mindful that times are challenging for many and this Guide will offer great comfort and assistance spiritually.

We are offering it at $150 for the entire year,  BUT until January 15th, subscribe for just $110.

E-transfers can be sent to Credit card payments can be arranged at 905-468-9502 or a request for an invoice to your email can be made.

Two payments of $55 for January and February can be arranged but only until January 15th, after which the price will be a flat fee of $150.

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