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January 2, 2018

Happy New Year, dear Angel peeps! We hope that you had a wonderfully festive season and managed to stay warm in this bitter cold. Makes for cozy nights with steamy mugs of tea or cocoa and good conversations with loved ones. 

We've had a quiet few weeks and are now are back with some ideas to get your new year off to a great start. Enjoy specials on readings, and ways to help with your resolutions and rock those intentions for yourself and the world.

First, we've found mailchimp to be an excellent way to reach our mailing list, but the templates didn't always allow us to present information the way we wished. From now on, we'll be providing a link for you to access the newsletter here on the website. It is a hidden link, so only subscribers can access it. We hope this will be a better solution. :)

As we say hello to the first full moon of the year, we have an awesome way for you to lasso moon power and manifest those goals and dreams on your list by the "blue moon", a second full moon at the end of the month. For tonight, think on the ways you want your life to change for the better and start to write down you dreams for 2018. There is a lovely ritual below.

And, there is a profound and important message from The Teachers, given to Jean. We know that it will be of benefit to you as you step into this new year.

As always, our purpose is to help you live your best life. We will be offering workshops on angels, prosperity and other topics of interest over the course of 2018. If you haven't already, join us on facebook so you get first hand news and messages! 

Upcoming Online Workshops

Becoming Aware of Your Angels

Thursday January 18th 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.    $30

In this introduction to Angels, you'll learn about what angels are and why they are part of our lives. We'll explore their history and participate in a relaxing meditation to meet the angels in your life.

Details and registration

28 Days to a More Prosperous Life

Thursdays, Feb 1 until March 1

Very Special Price - Only $40!

Studies show that it takes about 30 days for our amazing minds to accept a new behaviour or dump a troublesome habit (like smoking). Our fun and effective program helps you break through blocks and shift thinking so that you are much more able to receive the abundance and good things waiting for you!

We'll meet online for four 60-minute sessions on Thurdays (7 pm to 8 pm EST) to learn tips and techniques, share experiences and, most importantly, energize each others' goals.

Then, each day you will receive an email with an affirmation, reflection and some questions to work through. The more you focus and commit to the program, the more happy results you will see!

If you are ready to accept your blessings; if you are feeling that push to embrace something new; if you want to take a positive step forward with a group of like-minded people, then join us! The link will be sent to you upon registration.

Details and registration

A New Moon Prosperity Ritual

We humans love rituals, don’t we? Not only do we enjoy planning and celebrating rituals, we need them for our growth and development on spiritual and emotional levels. 

Psychologists, philosophers, and religious leaders recognize the importance of rituals in human life and every religion, including Christianity.

Used well, ritual helps us feel deeply connected to Loving Creator and to each other. Ritual can help us release old hurts, shame, and guilt, and it can help us work better and more effectively, too. Ritual can also help us realize our goals, and after Christmas, many of us are looking at our finances and not liking what we see.

This prosperity ritual must take place at the New Moon, that phase of the moon when no light is seen. Moon phases are powerful. We know that the moon affects not only tides, but also people and animals. Many gardeners who plant by the moon, just as many fishers plan their fishing trips by the moon. 

Even our church year is tied to the rhythms of the moon: the date of Easter determined by the moon. (Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon on/after the Spring Equinox, one of two days annually on which day and night are equal in length. We celebrate the Spring Equinox on March 21.)

This ritual takes place on the first New Moon after the start of a new year; this year, that moon falls on January 16. We always invite our dear Angels and Loving Creator, God, into our ritual as this is consistent with our religious faith. We suggest you also bring whatever Higher Power you recognize into your rituals, as well. 

People tell us they invite God using whatever names they recognize for Deity; others include Angels, Mother Mary, favorite saints, departed loved ones, Infinite Intelligence, the Higher Principle, Source Energy, Universe, etc. Use what has power and meaning for you.

You will need a blank check and a pen. You can print out the check below or you can draw your own. If you like, you can use a check from your own current or closed bank accounts.

1. Fill out the date of your ritual and put your name on the ‘Pay to the order of’ line.

2. In the $ box, write what you would like to receive. It can be a sum of money, some material thing, or a blessing like ‘a loving relationship,’ ‘health,’ or ‘a satisfying job.’ Ask for what you want in a way you can believe that it can come. Write ‘abundant prosperity’ or ‘financial independence’ or a dollar amount.

3. On the ‘For’ or ‘Memo’ line, write what you would like to do with whatever you have asked to receive. Why do you want whatever you are asking? You needn’t go into detail, just a note.

4. Sign the check in the name of the owner of the account – God, the Angels, Infinite Intelligence, Law of Attraction, or whoever you see as the author of the good in your life.

5. On the back, sign the check with your name to indicate acceptance of the good you are asking.

6. Sit with the check you have written. Take a deep breath and know that what you are asking is not too much to ask. Know that Loving Creator (Universe, etc.) delights in blessing us with good. Allow yourself to feel the joy and comfort of being cared for with such faithfulness. Offer prayer/affirmation of trust and thanks.

7. Put the check in a special place. Where? It’s up to you! People have shared that they put their checks in holy books (a bible, prayer book, daily devotional, etc.), a ‘God can’ (see below), under the bed pillow, in a jewelry box, on home altars, etc. Some chose spots where the check would be ‘hidden’ while they waited; others put the check in a visible place like taping it to the bathroom mirror or using it as a bookmark – someplace where they’d see it daily.

8. At the next full moon (January 31, 2018), take your check and discard it. Some choose to burn it, others shred it, some bury it, others let it disintegrate in a glass of water and pour the water on the ground. How you dispose of the check is up to you, but however you choose to do so, dispose of it with thanks. What if you forget about it? That’s ok, too: just dispose of it when it shows up again.

9. While some people see their requests fulfilled quickly, the fulfillment can take longer than a few weeks. If you haven’t received your request, make a new check for the next New Moon (Feb. 15). You can continue the practice as long as it takes. For your convenience, here is a table of moon phases for North America:

At its heart, this ritual is about seasons and timing and trusting that good things will indeed come to you when you ask for them. Oh, and that ‘God can’? It is an old Christian folk tradition. It is simply a jar or old can – even a box – with a lid. Whenever you have a need you cannot meet yourself, you write it onto a slip of paper and pop it into the God Can, knowing that God can meet that need.

Whatever your faith tradition, we wish you a happy, healthy, and successful 2018!

Download the check and print it out. You can print it in color or black and white by adjusting your printer setting.

New! Light Keepers

Custom made pieces to brighten your life and energize you!

Beautiful crystal hangers created to add some sparkle and good vibes in your life.

These 6" hangers are custom created by Deb and the angels to assist with various aspects of your life. Do you need balance? Wellbeing? Abundance? Peace? Empowerment? Love?

Each Light Keeper will assist you to bring positive energy into your life.

Hang these near a window, hold them and reflect on the colours and charms, place them in a window... these Light Keepers are sure to give you a lift.

$25 each See all the details!

Specials - till January 7th

Season’s Readings

This phone reading with Jean will give you season by season glimpses into the energies supporting and challenging you. Four seasons, eight cards, with perhaps a question or two to close the reading.

A 30 minute reading at 2008’s price of $50. Call 905-468-8448 to book your session.

Word for the Year session:

What word will the angels give you for 2018? In this quick phone reading, find out! The Word 2018 reading will give you a word to guide you through the year and insight into what the word represents and why it was chosen for you.

This is a fast reading, only 15 minutes. $30. Call 905-468-8448 to book your session.


This session brings a message from an angel working with you. and sent to your inbox

The Angelic Compass -

Manifest your goals and dreams through intentions, prayers and affirmations. Work with the angels to offer intentions for yourself and the world! You can make a difference through your loving actions. Now available as a bracelet. Get the details!

New Year's Message from The Teachers

Dear Ones,

For many of you, the festivities are over. The gifts have been opened, the meals and gatherings enjoyed. Now thoughts turn to removing decorations, to returning to the daily routine of work and rest, “The grind,” as some call it. Hearts grow heavy at the thought, sad to see the end of holiday and merriment, perhaps.

It need not be so. Is this not a time of renewal and fresh beginnings as you mark the passage of the old year and the beginning of the new? Such times as this offer you an opportunity to cast off what is old and does not serve you in order that you may embrace changes that bring greater satisfaction and happiness to your life.

The jaded among you will say, “Yes, but such opportunity comes throughout each year at birthdays, the change of seasons, the dawn of each day, so the New Year opportunity is just another one of many.”

It is true that the opportunity come with every passing day, with each moment, every breath. However, those opportunities are personal and private. The beginning of a new year is a universal opportunity recognized by all in your household, your town, your country, the very world in which you live. All around you, people are considering what they wish to release, what to embrace, and what practices will aid them in doing so successfully.

The very air is quickened with this energy of choice! Take advantage of it with zest and enthusiasm, buoyed by the intention and hope of others who are also choosing and planning ways to support their good.

“Oh, but I do bother with such resolutions as others make. They never work anyway,” say those who are resigned to their unhappy lives. For them, countless opportunities are missed, so they are convinced of the truth of their statement. Others have vastly different experiences as they successfully drop unwanted habits and behaviors, create new ones, and experience the happy result of their actions.

Why does it work for them but not for you? “I lack discipline,” you may say. “My life is so busy that I have no time for new practices. I barely have time for what I must do as it is!” Perhaps, even as you form the thoughts, you realize their fallacy: everyone has the same amount of time, every life is busy. Discipline is not a gift given by Creator, but the result of committed effort that anyone may attain.

Perhaps the truer statement is, “I don’t want to change. Even though I see what I want and do not have it, I am unwilling to do what I must to receive it.” If this is true for you, acknowledge your choice and be happy with it.

But if you are not happy with it, if you do feel that you must change for your health, your financial security, your comfort, your greater happiness, this season is a powerful time of support. Support will help you in your quest for increased good in your life, but you must daily do the tasks that you must to achieve it.

“Oh, I start each year but I always give up a few weeks later,” you may sigh. “It’s so hard!”

How can you move toward desired good more joyfully and easily? If there is a secret, it is this: mindfulness. Turn your mind to the fresh good being born in your life, congratulating yourself on even the smallest steps toward that happy end.

Is it weight you wish to lose, as so many of you do? Do not pass up the unhealthy treat with regret but with power. “I can have this treat but I would prefer health and slenderness.” As you eat a healthy snack, pat yourself on the back, affirming your strength. “I care enough about my body to treat it with respect and kindness. I am strong and powerful in the choices I make for myself!”

Keep your eye on the achievement, on every inch of ground you cover toward that prize. Fill your thoughts with health; begin moving more and celebrate the complaints of muscles as they begin to strengthen.

If you are working on financial health, pick up the coins you find in the street and drop them into a pretty bank or jar. Rejoice in saving even a few cents as you shop, and add those few cents to the jar so that you may watch your money grow. As you reject unnecessary purchases, write the amount you have chosen not to spend in a notebook, keeping a total of the money you have kept for yourself and watch the number rise with excitement.

If you look at an unhealthy treat with sadness, if you sigh over every item you cannot yet afford, change will be a wearisome, depressing effort. Such things make it hard to remain faithful to the changes you wish to create.

Keep your thoughts and mind turned toward the good you wish to create in your life and give yourself the delighted encouragement and support you would give to a loved one embarking on a journey of change. Be careful to observe every blessing that comes to you as change enters your life, for even the most unwelcome changes carry the seeds of good to you.

By doing so, your first change will be to transform the journey of change itself. Making change friendly, being open to change even when it is difficult or painful, is a greater source of personal power than you can imagine!

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