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We've been blessed. This could be a blessing for you, too.

You know as The Angel Ladies we try and practise what we teach. In these challenging times, we've been working on our tried and true prosperity techniques to keep the flow going. 

 As a result, we got quite a surprise!

Deb's BFF called all excited about a new venture she'd encountered. In just two months, she has earned more than $14,000 USD. She knew that we don't have the discretionary cash for this kind of opportunity, so, she paid our way so we wouldn't be left behind! Such a blessing from someone who loves and cares for us.

You are our friends. As we have explored this opportunity, we can't NOT bring it to your attention.  

So, this note is not meant to "sell" you. This is not about pressuring you. We are good. We are already included. But, this sounds interesting then we encourage you to investigate.  

What did she do? She bought us a mining machine for cryptocurrency (think, Bitcoins). It is housed in a solar-powered facility in Arizona and cared for 24/7, so we don't have to even worry about that part.

These super-powerful computers are mining the internet, collecting a new cryptocurrency known as the BlockX coin, to be publicly launched in the next few months.  

Our machines have the exclusive right to "mine" this coin and gathers about 100,000 of them about every 25 days. When it does, that "block" is complete and money is transferred to your e-wallet.    

Right now, the value of each coin is 1.1 cent, so our friend has gifted us with $1100 USD per month. Our machine, which we've named "Minnie," will be plugged in and good to go in the next few days.

If you are interested, you will want to hear the founders discuss the machines and so on in depth.  

You can tune in to their 30-minute Zoom conference call Monday-Saturday at 2 p.m. EST. We find them very interesting as we continue to research and understand the ways in which this cybercurrency works.  

Here is the Zoom link

Here is the really exciting part. This BlockX coin is getting a lot of buzz in the crypto community. There is an expectation that once it goes public, the value of the coin will jump to 5 cents per coin, and likely higher as it becomes part of the currency world. If that happens, we've been gifted $5,000 per month.  

BlockX is a utility coin and has a specific job on the market. Already, big players in crypto have placed buy orders for the day of release, so it looks as though the coin will do well. 

The people behind this launch are thinking that the coin will reach ten cents each as early as Christmas– which means every month, when the machine mines 100,000 coins at 10 cents a coin, $10,000 per month will come to your e-wallet. This is not an unreal expectation.

This is a whole new thing for us so now that we have Minnie, we've done some research. Bitcoin - the granddaddy of the crypto revolution, was released in January, 2009 at about 3/10 of a cent. Less than a year later it was worth $1 USD. On June 25, 2020, its value was over $9000 per coin. That would have been a great one to have been investing in, huh?

Binance is another coin, released in 2017 with a value of $0.10 per coin. On June 25, 2020, its value was over $15 per coin. Can you imagine 100,000 tokens at $15 per month? Yup 1.5 MILLION USD a month. Binance investors are smiling, right?

Our friend has purchased four machines, and her immediate family another four; her sister (a Certified Public Accountant) has bought four, and it goes on and on. Their enthusiasm is shared by a growing community of "miners"- people just like all of us - who have done their due diligence and see this is a very special opportunity. We feel quite blessed.

With Minnie earning 1.1 cents per coin to start we couldn't keep it to ourselves. Once the coin launches, machines will go up in price as the coin value rises. This is an opportunity for this moment.  

We needed to share, and now, we have. :) If you want to get a machine, we'd be delighted to help you with it. Just let us know. 

There are two ways to earn from this. The major money comes from the machine purchase. Also, though, you can become a member for free and tell people about the machines. earning a small commission ($400 USD) on any machines their friends buy; this can defray the cost of a mining machine or even cover the cost if enough people purchase.

There are information calls for interested people at 2 p.m. EST. They are about 30 minutes in length and really easy to understand. You'll see the link up to the right, on the side.  

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