Divine Imprints : Angels

The following medallions are absolutely spectacular. They are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are created by the angels themselves.

This collection has been created for a number of qualities that you wish to draw into your life: hope, healing, comfort, breakthrough, guidance, peace, grace, joy, enlightenment... and in each piece at least one angel is clearly visible to assure you that you are never alone, and their loving presence is indeed close at hand.

These are not made by design -- the images appear as Deb works the clay and meditates for the highest and best for all. You can wear the medallion as a necklace, carry it in a pocket, put it on your desk, hang it in a window or place it on an altar for meditation times.

It is impossible for the camera to fully capture the incredible vibrant beauty of these medallions. They are truly inspired and cannot be replicated.  These stunning spiritual art pieces come to you in a protective pouch with a certificate of authencity.

The Medallions vary in size.  They are mounted on a 2 x 3.5" card, which will give you a sense of their size.


We can accept your VISA or Mastercard number over the phone at 905-468-8448. We also accept electronic transfers from Canadian residents. If paying by international money order, please make payable to "The Angel Ladies" and send to: The Angel Ladies Cottage, 322 Mary Street, Box 1856, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario L0S 1J0   Please add $2.50 per medallion to cover the cost of shipping.  

Angel Collection - Summer Sale

Angel of Grace


This beautiful medallion features a remarkable figure to the right. The figure's hands are in a praying posture and has a double halo - an indication of its holiness.

Angel of Healing

Blues and greens create angelic harmony in this piece.  An angel stands front and centre offering healing support.

Guardian Angel

With purples and white, this piece is about Spiritual connection and protection.

Angel of Destiny

This exquisite medallion has the figure of a woman with a dove above her head. Some see Mother Mary, some see an angel - whatever you see, the gentle energies of this piece bring you guidance, reassurance and blessing.

Angel of Energy

Angel of Transformations 2

now 25.00

Angel of Blessing

A mix of blue and white swirl together to create this powerful medallion.  As you hold it, you can feel the lovely energies supporting you.

The Shaman

Angel of New Beginnings

It is a new day filled with possibilities.  This medallion brings fresh energies and a feeling of hope and excitement.

Angel of Transformation

This wonderful medallion is perfect for those in transition.  Its energies will support you in healing work, deepening your intuition, and discerning life purpose.


This is one of the most incredible pieces that has come to Deb. In the lower right is a figure on their knees, arms back. In the centre is an angel lifting a figure and holding it. There is much activity in this amazing medallion and wondrous to hold.

Companion Angel
now $20.00 

Angel of Love

Mysterious and subtle, this medallion's gentle energies are all about love.  It will support you as you work on attracting love into your life.

Angel of Wisdom

A wonderful medallion to hold as you meditate or journal. Its energies bring insights and helps you tap into your inner wisdom.

Guardian Angel 2
This one-of-a-kind medallion has been part of Deb's collection for many years.  It is an astounding piece with strong and loving energies. Just looking at it brings benefits but holding it is a wonderful experience, offering strength, affirmation and love.

Angel of Completions