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Divine Imprints

Blessed and Beautiful, these One-of-a-Kind Art Pieces are Inspired!

Many years ago, Deborah Vaughan got the message to take the clay that she was fond of working with as a hobby and bless and energize it with intentions for health, healing, prosperity and blessings. Calling in the angels to assistproduced results that were nothing short of amazing.

These special "Divine Imprints" pieces are one-of-a-kind. As Deborah works with the clay, she is led intuitively to choose colours. As she works, she blesses the clay and calls on the energies of the angels themselves to infuse each piece, and in fact, to show an angelic image that would work to bolster faith and understanding.

These aren't your typical jewellery pieces...

Each medallion is supported by an angel and as the piece is fashioned, the intentions that we hold for the recipient - joy, love, prosperity, health, healing, blessing... is channelled into the piece by the angel.

On an energetic level, this means that the very clay now has been transformed into something special. We can't see a difference, but it has changed and taken on the energetic signature of the prayers and intentions.

We all know about special objects and special energies. A handkerchief given to you by a loved one has a different "feeling" than one you buy in a store. The handkerchief that Grandma pinned to her dress every day has a different energy still; as does the one Elvis used to wipe his brow and tossed you at a concert. Things carry energy.

Each medallion carries the energy of the angel expressing through Deb as she works the clay and forms the medallion and each is infused with the energies of love, power, healing and other qualities.

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