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Dream Angels

What do you wish to bring to you in 2019? This little focus tool will help!

A trip to somewhere interesting...

More monies in the bank...

A job more in alignment with your life purpose...

A life filled with love...

Radiant health...

More time to be creative...

Embracing life....

At the beginning of each new year, we think about the ways we wish to make our mark or create wonderful experiences. Often, we go back to default as everyday life takes precedence. One day... we think. One day, I will have my dream.

Today is that day!

When we surround ourselves with ways to stay focused on the goal, then we are more likely to attract that which we are energizing! A Dream Angel can help! These beautiful angels are blessed and energized to help you draw that which you want to you. Hang it by your computer, from your rear view mirror, on the bedside lamp... wherever you will see it and be reminded of your desire.

No two are quite alike, so if you see one you want claim it as your own ASAP. Deb will pop it in the mail so you can get to work with it. Keeping a journal, visualizing that which you want, loving the goal, knowing it will come to you... all these techniques will help you make it a reality. Each angel is about 4" plus the lariat.

If you wish to jumpstart those dreams, join us for our prosperity workshop which begins in February. More information on that is here.


To secure your angel, you can send an etransfer for $33 to along with the name of the angel. You can also purchase through Paypal below. This is your year to make it happen!

Enjoy Life!

Pink blingy Angel with a heart, "wish", "laugh often" and a pink martini glass. $33

No product

I am Empowered!

Beautifil amber angel with crystals,"believe" and a dangle "She flies with her own wings." $33

No product


Fabulous blue blingy bead with pearl head, heart charm and "Be YOU" dangle. $33

No product

I am Blessed!

Turquoise ceramic bead, key charm, heart charm, crystals and "Blessed" dangle. $33

No product

Choose Happy!

Pink blingy angel with a dragonfly charm, crystals and a "Choose Happy" dangle. $33

No product

MORE TO COME- Stay Tuned!

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