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  Angels for the Angels - Front Line Heros

We are living in extraordinary times. As we experience this global pandemic and do our best to stay home and flatten the curve, there are thousands and thousands of people who head out each day into the fray.  

They are Essential Workers, the Front Line Heros. 

Doctors, nurses, and medical staff, EMTs, Police and Fire services, truckers, farmers, postal workers, sanitation workers, small businesses, hydro and phone staff, gas station attendants, pharmacy staff, grocery workers.... 

These are the people who care for the rest of us sometimes at the expense of their own health and well-being.

For several years, Deb has been making very special angels for those in need of a lift of spirit or a token of thanks.  

She's sent thousands to funeral homes across Canada, to brides in memory of a loved for their bouquet, to seniors who need a reminder that they are not alone, to ladies' groups to use in fundraisers and simply a token from one heart to another to express love.

Now, she is offering them for those who would like a token of gratitude to the heros among us who inspire and sacrifice so much in these challenging times.

Available in lots of five, these angels come in assorted colours and are fitted with a lariat, backed by this special card and packaged in a cello envelope.

A portion of each sale goes to the Red Cross who are also front line, bringing support and relief where it is needed most.

A token of Gratitude and Thanks

The angels retail for $10 and up, but for this special offer, you can purchase 5 assorted angels for $35 plus shipping.

Think of all the people you see as you do your essential shopping and errands around your community. A little angel which symbolizes so many comforting and loving qualities can mean a lot.

You can send an etransfer to for $35 plus $4.50 shipping. Please be sure to send your name, home address and email address. You can also order through the Paypal button below. There is a small processing charge.

Pack of Five Front Line Hero Angels

$35 plus shipping and processing fee.

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