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Spiritual Direction With Deb

With thirty years in pastoral care, Deb understands that most people need help when life throws them a curve ball or they hit a rough patch.  

She knows, too, that the help they need is not usually years of therapy with a psychiatrist. Because they don’t need the kind of in-depth therapy psychological professionals offer, most people simply struggle through the hard times as best they can. Often, they struggle alone because their loved ones cannot look at the situation objectively, simply because they are so close to it.  

Deb offers a listening presence for those who need that objective ear. As you bring forward the concerns of your heart, they are received with the kind of non-judgmental understanding that allows you to share your deepest questions and fears in safety.  

As you consider the questions and observations Deb offers, you find your way to a calmer, more more confident perspective that allows you to return to your life with renewed tranquility and peace. Should the Angels have a whisper of encouragement or guidance, Deb relays their loving messages to you. Always, your confidentiality is assured, as it would be in any on-site counseling session.

Deb has helped clients of all kinds - those who are grieving a loss, terminally ill clients facing their own deaths, people seeking understanding of their sexual orientation, women in unhappy marriages or dealing with difficult family or other relationships, and more. To each client, she offers her loving wisdom and compassion.  

Deb believes there is no place in counseling - or in her own heart - for judgment and criticism. Each person’s struggle is a hero’s struggle, and she is honored to offer her support and help along the way.

Her clients praise her wise intuitive counsel, borne of years of experience and empathic ministry.  

“Thank you so much! I feel so much better; I can’t believe how right-on your guidance was!” Brigid, Canada.

"Deb has such a gentle, listening presence. I felt like I could tell her anything - and I probably did. The session was very healing and helpful." Mary, Toronto

Booking a session

January Special - Receive $10 off your session

One Hour Session Is $100 $90

Call 905-468-9502 to book your session. We accept VISA/Mastercard, and electronic transfers can be sent to Pay conveniently online with Paypal.

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