The Angelic Compass - The power of prayer and intention at hand!

Stress and fear make it hard to enjoy life, but it’s harder to get away from the stress and fear. 

Bad news and sad stories are everywhere. As soon as you turn on the computer, you’re bombarded by a constant stream of sadness, tragedy, injustice, corruption – you name it. 

Social media is flooded with it, as are social and even entertainment sites. If you can get away from the computer, you’re not immune. Local news is filled with the unhappy news of the day. 

Discussions with family or friends seem to end there, as well, along with personal trials and challenges. How can we get free of the weight of it all? 

We took it to the Angels, who urge us to be joyful always. “Christmas is coming, but how can we be joyful in the face of so much pain?” we asked. “Take action,” they said. “What action?” we asked, and the Angelic 

Compass is the answer. 

Circlets - Hold it in your hand

We have been inspired to create a little tool to assist in this important work. We call it the Angelic Compass, which just as the name suggests, calls in the angels to guide and direct our prayers for the world, our loved ones and ourselves.

Each bead has a specific prayer -
to ground,
to call on Divine Creator,
to surround ourselves with Love and send love to the world,
to offer prayers for healing,
for resources that we need,
for guidance and direction,
for unity,
for specific needs of the day and
for the longings of our heart.

In a short time, we have prayed for the world, our loved ones, and ourselves.

It calls us to connect to the Source of all, the Creator of the Universe and to recognize how very precious and beloved we are. 

Whatever your faith, whatever your spiritual path, this tool will ground you in Love and offer you a way to send your loving intentions for healing, unity, peace and prosperity for all.

It is a very simple wheel of beads, chosen for its purpose and blessed to uplift you. It is at once a focus tool and a visual reminder of our ability to connect with Spirit and make a difference on deep levels.

It comes with suggested prayers, instructions and a special Angel Message to help you in this work.

Energetically we know that one person's loving thoughts can be incredibly effective. Multiply that by 10 people praying or 100 people praying and that effectiveness increases exponentially.

Using the compass is easy, taking as little as five minutes of your day. Instructions for its use are included with a prayer and intention to say for each bead. You can customize it to pray in the way you address Creator or leave it as a general petition to get our wonderful angels working with us.

This is the time for us to reclaim our power. This is a time for action, for a wave of love to envelope the planet. You can make a difference through the day, every day through your loving intentions and prayers. 

Choice of Three Compasses in Circlets or Bracelets

A beautiful bracelet with a purpose!

Take time out of your day to offer intentions and affirmations for your needs and those of others.

The Angelic Compass comes in a set of semi-precious beads which amplify our intentions through the beneficial properties of the stones, or in a set of colourful crystals, whose colour energy boosts the intentions.

Circlet: Choose Crystal,
 or a combo
$20, includes shipping


Bracelet: Choose Crystal, 

Semi-precious or a combo
$30, includes shipping

wrist size

About the Compass

The angels are nudging us to rally everyone to pray and send loving intentions to the world.  Yes, this video talks about the Angelic Compass and it is a focusing tool, but more importantly it is meant to get everyone sending love to the world.  Join us.  Be part of the Blessing Brigade.


We've had several requests to transform the compass into a bracelet.

The bracelet has the same order of beads but extra materials have been added so that it fits comfortably around your wrist.
Completed with a lobster claw closure.
We'll need your wrist size and choice of crystal, semi-precious or combo.

Choice of dangle

Bead choices

Combination of semi-precious and Crystal

Crystal Compass

Semi-precious Compass