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Relaxing sessions to help you heal in Mind, Body and Spirit

In these challenging times, it is critically important to maintain balance as the world around us feels unpredictable and scary.

We are impacted on so many levels as we navigate new ways of interacting. It can been exhausting and leave us feeling depleted.

For more than 20 years Deb has been offering energy healing sessions on site which utilize a combination of healing techniques and angelic guidance. 

Beyond the Walls -- Working with Energy

Working with energy means that a session is the same whether you are in the same room or across the world. The work is just as effective and the benefits can be enormous. 

Deb is now offering 30-minute virtual healing sessions on Zoom. And, Jean will also join in upon request. 

What to Expect in a Session

We meet on Zoom, an easy to navigate platform. You can be in a chair, reclining on a couch or any comfortable place in your home.

After a little check-in, the session begins with a relaxing meditation which works to bolster your immune system. As we create sacred space, healing energy and intentions are directed where needs present. It is a gentle and peaceful treatment, offering support and love on every level.

The beauty of using energy healing is that it is non-invasive. Just 25 minutes will make a difference in your stress and anxiety and often, pain levels.  

We believe that we are all healers. We all have the capacity to heal and balance ourselves. These sessions give you the time and space to work on your healing as we lend energetic support and loving energy for your well-being and wholeness.

Note that we are not medical professionals. You are responsible for your self-work and healing journey. Sessions are not meant to take the place of any prescribed treatment or protocol. All things work together for your good.  

Deb has been a Therapeutic Touch practitioner for over 30 years, working with many people cross the GTA and Niagara. She has also studied reiki, quantum touch, EFT and has developed a mode of healing that synthesizes many effective methods.

Jean has studied reiki and is a Master Hypnotist. She has written about intuition and the mind, body, spirit link. And, of course, the angels are there to guide us through every session. 


30 minute Sessions can be booked with Deb, or with Deb and Jean, on Zoom.

Session with Deb - $100

Session with Deb and Jean - $180


You can send along an electronic transfer to or pay conveniently with Paypal.

Book Your Session

30 minute Session

with Deb - $100

30 Minute Session with Deb and Jean


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