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We are affectionately known as the Angel Ladies and we LOVE what we do! Our mission is to help people rediscover their joy and satisfaction in life and we accomplish this in a variety of ways.

"We" are Deborah and Jean and we are located in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, the heart of the finest vineyards and theatre, and just a short drive to Niagara Falls and an array of attractions.

Jean is a bishop, author, and teacher with a remarkable ability to tap into angelic and spiritual guidance to assist clients with their questions and concerns. Jean offers many services.

Deborah is an Archbishop, workshop leader, energy healer, motivational speaker and intuitive artist, working through polymer clay and other mediums to offer Divine Imprints infused with the energy of the angels themselves.

We invite you to explore the website and see what the angels have in mind for you.

Angel Message

Dear ones.

Today is the perfect day to hit the pause button. Take time to rest, to recharge, to laugh and to feed your spirit.

So often you find ourselves catering to the needs of loved ones and this is important - but so are you.  You have heard it said that you cannot pour from an empty vessel.  This is true.  As you spend your time and energy assisting others, your cup can become depleted, leaving little reserve for your own needs.

Today, know that you are loved and beloved.  Know that finding a way to balance your needs with those of others is a necessary and healthy thing.  Take time, dear child, and let us minister to your spirit.  Allow yourself to just be - lingering over a cup of tea, picking up that book, maybe going back to rest....  whatever feels appealing.

All is well, dear one.  Rest. Peace. Be assured we are with you always.

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