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Amulet Reading
A Message from your Angel to You

As we go through each day, we are often unaware that we are accompanied by a heavenly entourage.  Whether we believe in angels or not, these steadfast helpers are with us, guiding, guarding, directing, and beaming love at us. 


We have our Guardian Angel with us always, but as things come up in our lives, other angelic friends come to us to assist in our needs and challenges.  Some are with us for a little while and others become part of the team. 

What is an Amulet Reading?

In this intuitive reading, Deb creates a charm that represents an angel that is working with you at this time in your life.

As she is guided to certain beads in the bead chest, she creates a lovely little angel and tunes in to information about your angel and it's purpose with you.

Insights are shared about the colour and shape of the beads which adds another layer of meaning to the session.


The angel shares its name and offers a wonderful, loving message for you.  The reading is emailed and the little angel is mailed to you as a reminder of the angelic helper that it represents

Amulet recipients share that the little angel charm brings them a sense of peace and the message that comes to them offers inspiration and hope.  It is a loving reminder that we are never alone.

E-Mail Reading

Your amulet reading arrives in your inbox within 2 days of ordering.

Information includes:
An overview impression of the angel' that comes forward to talk to you.
The name of the Angel and it's purpose in your life.

A message that offer insights into the reason the angel is with you.

The fee for the session is $75, including postage to mail the angel to you.  You can send along an e-trandfer to along with your name and address. Deb will contact you when the reading is completed and ready to be sent.

Email Amulet Reading

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Live Amulet Session on Zoom

Join Deb for a live reading via Zoom, where she will create the amulet and share the information in a 30 minute session, which can be recorded for future reference.

Call Deb at 905-468-9502 to set up your time and date for the Zoom session, or email her at with suggestions for your booking.

The fee for the live session is $99, which can be sent as an etransfer to or set via the PayPal link.

Live Amulet Reading
on Zoom

Pay conveniently with PayPal
(includes a small processing fee)



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