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The Angel's Roost

Spiritual Support with Deb on Zoom

With more than 30 years in pastoral care, Deb has walked with people as they sorted through a myriad of situations and challenges.  As priest, angel lady, and energy worker, she has compiled a unique set of skills and experiences.


She has assisted those grieving a loss, facing transition, questioning orientation, struggling with relationships, seeking clarity on life purpose... People from diverse backgrounds have found support and hope as they shared their journeys, discovering new insights and possibilities in the process.   


Life can get complicated. The journey can get hard.  Sometimes we need a safe place to pause and regroup. A spiritual support session with Deb is like having a virtual cup of tea with a friend.


What to Expect

A spiritual support session with Deb includes:

- an open, welcoming and non-judgmental
  space to share on Zoom
- a listening presence and an objective ear.

- reflective questions

- a guided meditation 
- thoughts that may come from the angels

- suggestions for relaxation or being open to


Sessions are one hour in length and take place on Zoom. The fee is $120.  Deb conducts the session from her private healing space in her home.  It is important to find a space where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed. 

Appointments are available seven days a week from noon until 6 p.m..  Some evening sessions can be arranged.  Zoom is accessible via laptop, desktop, phone or tablet.  The link will be sent once your payment and appointment is confirmed.

Booking Your Session

Ready to book your session with Deb?  You can call her at 905-468-9502 to get your calendars together. 

Etransfers in the amount of $120 can be sent to   

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

You can also make a payment through Paypal. 
(A small processing fee applies.)

Note that this is not a counseling session, but rather spiritual support offers a space to untangle the things of life and with some gentle direction, gain more clarity and insight.

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