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good vibes with deb

Taking time for your Healing and Peace


In these challenging times, it is critically important to maintain balance as the world around us feels unpredictable and scary.

Each day, we are bombarded on so many levels as we navigate the events of the day, social media, news, challenges... It can be exhausting and leave us feeling depleted.


For more than 20 years Deb has been offering energy healing sessions utilizing a combination of intuition, intention,  healing techniques (therapeutic touch, reiki, quantum touch etc.), and angelic guidance.  

Beyond the Walls --

Working with Energy

Distance healing? Is that really a thing?

Consider this:  we know all things are made up of energy.  Everything.  We are basically vibrating bundles of energy.  The entire universe - galaxies, planets, trees, ants, tables, cars, rocks, you, me - everything- all have unique frequencies at which things vibrate. 


The frequency of their vibration creates what they are.

Stay with me.  These frequences can be measured.  That's why when a soprano hits a certain note, the vibration of that note can match the frequency of a crystal glass.  The sound wave shatters it.

I have had the experience of intentionally focusing on the stem of a spoon, watch it start to change form, and in that moment I could twist it into a different shape.  Curled it up like a ribbon. Scout's honour.  It happened.

So, what this means is that with training, practitioners can do energy work with others in the same room or halfway across the globe. 


Healing on an energetic level is very effective.

spiriutal power

Called to Heal

Deb has been a Therapeutic Touch practitioner for over 30 years, working with many people cross the GTA and Niagara.


She has also studied reiki, quantum touch, EFT, and has developed a mode of healing that synthesizes many effective methods.

Your session with Deb


Each session is about 30 minutes in length.  


After a little check-in, we begin with a relaxing meditation which works to boost your immune system.


As we create sacred space, healing energy and intentions are directed where needs present. It is a gentle and peaceful treatment, offering support and love on every level.

The beauty of using energy healing is that it is non-invasive. Just 20 minutes will make a difference in your stress and anxiety and often, pain levels.  


Deb's intention is to support you in your healing and restorative work.  We all unconsciously know what we need in our healing journey. We all have the capacity to heal and balance ourselves.


These sessions give you the time and space to work on your healing as Deb lends energetic support and loving energy for your well-being and wholeness.

Booking Your Session with Deb

Each 30 minute session is $100 and take place on Zoom.  The session can be recorded.


You can call to arrange your session with Deb at 905-468-9502.  An Etransfer for $100 can be sent to

Or, pay conveniently with Paypal.
(A small processing fee applies.)


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The benefit to clients doesn't end when the session ends, either. For seven days following treatment, healing energy is sent specifically to clients during our daily candle-lighting ceremony.

Note that we are not medical professionals. You are responsible for your self-work and healing journey. Sessions are not meant to take the place of any prescribed treatment or protocol. All things work together for your good.  

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