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Six or 12 months Ahead Reading with Jean

Ask the Angels for a Head's Up Any Time of the Year

As we negotiate the twists and turns of life in these challenging times, there are blessings to receive and lessons to embrace.  Tough times can also bring insights to assist in our journey and bring us safely through to the other side.

While we aren't able to have a crystal ball to show us what is ahead (wouldn't that have been nice...) we have the benefit of receiving guidance about how best to negotiate the ups and downs from our angels.

Your angel is with you not only to protect but to guide you, and when we ask for that guidance, they gladly offer information to help you experience life more gracefully, comfortably, and successfully. 

Whether you choose January, or another month of the year to begin, the angels offer insights into the helpful and challenging opportunities of the coming months so that you can move through the year feeling empowered.

Your choice of a 60 minute Phone Reading or Email Reading

Email Jean at or call 905-468-9502 to book your session. If it is for a loved one, let us know so we can send you a gift certificate you can print off for handy gifting.

Payment Options:

Send along an electronic transfer to You can also pay securely via the Paypal portal below.

6 months ahead Phone reading: 30 minutes $125

12 months ahead Phone reading: 60 minute reading $250

6 Months Ahead PHONE session  30 mInutes

$125 - PHONE session (3% processing fee)

No product

12 Months Ahead PHONE session  60 minutes

$250 -PHONE session (3% processing fee)

No product

6 month Email Reading: $100.

12 Month Email Reading: $175

6 Months Ahead EMAIL session  $100 

No product

12 Months Ahead EMAIL session

No product

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