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An Activity Journal that your Kids and Grandkids will Love!

Soon the kids will be on Christmas holidays – and you have so much to do! If only there was something you could give the kids to do, something that would be important and meaningful and valuable instead of just popping in a video or game.

Introducing the Christmas Journal: over 100 journal prompts to help your child chronicle Christmas 2016 at your house. As your child writes – or draws – about your holiday traditions and observances, the pages will go into a binder (with a cover by your child) to come out next year, when your child will add Christmas 2017 pages to the journal. Also included are pages for after Christmas and a bonus New Year section

The result? A fantastic keepsake of your child’s Christmases – a treasury of memories that fade as time goes on, a treasury your child will prize more as the years go by. A treasury your child will share with his or her children one day.  

What would you give to page through a book you’d written as you enjoyed Christmas when you were ten? To see holiday greetings from loved ones who are no longer here? To see photos of Christmas Eve or the visits to loved ones? Your child’s journal will have all this and more, preserved for years to come.

This is a PDF e-book with 111 pages of story ideas to keep your kids busy for hours.  

The download will come to you within a short time – meaning your kids can get drawing tonight! More than one child? The price includes all the children of the household, but not cousins, nieces, etc. Grandparents, you would purchase one for each of your son’s or daughter’s families. 

 Your cost is $9.99 for your family. If you wish to gift others, you can purchase the license for three families for just 24.99. That will cover a lot of kids and grandkids! If you have more than three sons or daughters with families – or want to gift more than three families’ children – just let us know and we’ll make a Paypal button for you. You can add extra families for $8 each!   

Payment Options

Send 9.99 or 24.99 via e-transfer to or call 905-468-8448 with a credit card. You can also pay with a credit card through paypal below.

The Christmas Journal - 9.99

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The Christmas Journal

- license for three families- $24.99

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