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Hot off the Press: A Marketing Guide for Readers and Healers!

In this book, you will find suggestions that are concentrated on free or inexpensive tactics, making them perfect for lightworkers new to the profession as well as long-time lightworkers who hesitate to promote themselves. Some of the tips here may seem basic, but look at them with fresh eyes. You may have heard the technique before, but perhaps now is the time to apply it in a new way.

...... from the introduction

For almost 20 years, the Angel Ladies have been helping people live their best lives. It has been and ongoing learning curve to build our brand and find ways to get the word out on a shoestring budget. Along the way we have had to work through our own blocks, especially about what it means to be spiritual and also needing to pay the bills.

This 48-page pdf will help you enhance your promotional materials, website, and social media sites as well as give you ideas on ways to advertise, get publicity and find networks to boost your business.

For a short time, we are offering the e-book as a pdf for just $9.00. Once it is uploaded to kindle it will be available for $15 USD.  

Payment Options:

Send along an e-transfer to or pay conveniently via Paypal. We'll send along your e-copy as soon as we are able (Generally within an hour, a little longer if we are away from the computer.) 

Marketing for Readers and Healers

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