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The Order of St. Raphael the Archangel

The Angel Ladies have had a vision that calls healers and loving pray-ers from across the planet to join together and become a part of a movement that will be a tipping point for blessings and healing.  We know that this is angelically-inspired and we are happy to serve Divine Love however we can.

We hope that this group will be a kind of  homebase for healers of all modalities, and people of all faiths and spiritualities. Don't consider yourself a "healer?" If you wish to lend your prayers and loving intentions to the planet, that counts too.

Our intention is to create an energetic force for good. A tsunami of blessings for all..

Working with the angels, we want to blanket this hurting, broken world with love. We want people who are struggling, fearful, anxious, sad, or in any kind of need or distress to be uplifted by a spirit of love covering the planet. We know that when we combine our loving thoughts and intentions the effect is astronomical. The power of love - Divine Love - focused and offered willingly, can transform the world.  And, Archangel Raphael, whose concern is healing and wholeness is with us all the way.

Join us!

Membership is $25, which includes registration and the fee for the year of joining; annual renewal fee is $10.

You receive:

- An Order of St. Raphael Prayer Card

- A Membership Card

- A St. Raphael Medallion

- a commissioning as a Sacred Healer in the Order of St. Raphael, Archangel

- a certificate of commissioning

You will also become part of a private fb group where we gather to talk about things that touch our hearts, inspire us and invite people to send intentions for healing and energetic assistance.  Friends await.

Get the details!

All the information you need can be found on the St. Raphael website.  We are excited thinking about what we can accomplish together.

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