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A Token of Love: Remembering our beloved companion animals

Anyone who has had a fur friend knows the pain that comes with a goodbye. Our companions leave an indelible mark in our hearts and lives. When we lose them, the grief never truly leaves, even as we learn to live without them and, eventually, to welcome new fur friends into our lives. 

 We talked to the angels and were given the inspiration to create an angel as a comforting reminder for those who are missing their dear companion animal. Each comes with a blessing and a little poem written by Jean to speak to the gift that sharing our life with a fur buddy brings. 

 The angels help in several ways. They are a loving memento, a tangible memory, for those who are grieving their pet, a keepsake that grows more precious over time. Half of the purchase price goes to local animal rescue, saving animals from hard and fearful lives – a perfect tribute to your own sweet animal. The other half of the price will go into a fund to prepare for a new fur friend in our household. 

 These compassionate gifts are perfect for anyone missing a fur friend, whether the loss is fresh or a long-held grief. If you or someone is grieving – or see that your pet is nearing that Rainbow Bridge – these little angels can be gentle tools to assist the grieving process, particularly for older children who often need help with their grief. We cannot hold our lost pet, but we can hold the angel and remember with love.

Each angel is $10. Three angels are $25.  If you wish to purchase 10, we offer a special price of $70.  Shipping is extra.

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