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Knocked out by the Angels

dancing angel on a medallion
The Angel Ladies medallions

That title might be a little misleading. After all, angels are loving and comforting. Maybe I should have said "Gobsmacked by the angels."

The above photo is of a medallion that I created a few decades ago. I have to confess I still miss it and am glad I took a picture. See the dancing woman?

I said I created it and yes that is true. But, let me clarify that. I (intuitively) choose the colours and put the polymer clay together. I do my blessing and energizing thing as I work with it. That's my part of the process - then I give it to the angels. And that is when things get interesting. I invite the angels to help and sit back. Every piece is unique and some, well, are breathtaking.

Like this one. See the white robed figure being carried and the other white fgure to the right reacting. Some see Jesus ascending. Some see death, but feel such joy and reassurance. Every time I held it, I got chills. Again, I regret that I let it go. But the recipient was struggling with their own morality. The angels nudged me and I have learned to listen. But I got the photo. :)

There is something mystical that happens when I pray with the clay and let the angels guide me. Whether it is a medallion or a Transformation Cross, each piece speaks to someone. I mean, people have a gut reaction that calls them. They know the piece is meant for them. Never fails.

Years ago, I had a table at a Therapeutic Touch convention. I displayed the medallions in binders with clear pockets - the sheets used to display baseball cards. At breaks, the crowds wandered through the vendor marketplace, browsing at the many kinds of goodies displayed. Being a TT practitioner, I knew a lot of the members, but it was quite hilarious to see people walking by find only to find themselves literally pulled to the table. Some could not walk straight. "Hi," one woman said,"I was heading to the washroom. Why am I here?" She left with several medallions.

The energetic component of the colour energy is significant. The energetic boost I give also adds something special. The polymer clay actually receives the energy and holds it like a battery. But, it is the angels' touch, the Divine grace that flows to every piece that makes the swirls speak and images appear. I have been told that some of the images and colours change over time.

So, I get gobsmacked.

These past few days, I have been uploading the collection of medallions. Got the nudge from the angels and so I am feeling again the beautiful peace that comes from working with these remarkable pieces.

See if one calls to you and check back often to see the latest. I know that they will bless you as you look at them on the screen. Wait for it. :)

Blessings, Deb

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1 Comment

I remember that convention! It was funny to see the member walking by, deep in conversation, unknowingly making a beeline toward the table.

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