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You've watched The Secret. You've read the books. You've listened to the CDs. You may have seen your fortunes rise for awhile only fall once more. How can you finally tap into lasting, life-changing prosperous living? It is time for a serious commitment and dedication to creating the life that you want. It means a radical change in how you perceive the ebb and flow of things on a spiritual as well as material level.

It is time for Radical Abundance!

The Angel Ladies'

Radical Abundance Internet Program

If you're seriously committed to prospering in a spiritually sound way... join us

This 14-week Radical Abundance online program runs from Tuesday April 19 to July 26

You get:

  • A weekly lesson emailed to you with activities.

  • A weekly session with Deb and Jean via webconference where we can share experiences. (Archived sessions will be available for download)

  • Daily emailed "Abundant Moments" to keep you focused on your goals and dreams.

  • A very special journal to assist you each day.

Why Radical Abundance?

There are literally hundreds of prosperity programs out there, all based on similar principles and ideas. They all work -- and you will receive benefit to some degree if you follow any plan.

Radical Abundance is a little different from most.

Inspired by angels, drawing on deep wisdom of heavenly beings, and synthesizing the great truths and laws of prosperity, Radical Abundance illuminates aspects to help you master ways to abundance over a 12-week course.

This session takes place online and you will be a part of a community participating from all over North America.

It Works!

We know the success of Radical Abundance; satisfied participants have reported two cottages, a boat, an RV, several jobs, many gifts of money, salary increases, business opportunities, family harmony and more. We have found ourselves here in Niagara-on-the-Lake with the help of Radical Abundance.

Here is how it works:

-Your day will get off to a joyful and prosperous start with a daily email booster to keep you focused on your goals.

-We will send you a powerful journalling tool so that you can record your dreams, hopes, experiences and income -- a tangible testimony of your ability to manifest.

-Every week, you will receive a lesson delivered to your inbox to deepen your understanding and keep you moving on the path to prosperity

-You'll be invited to join us for 14 powerful hour-long minute sessions on our web channel in which you and your dreams will receive a powerful burst of energy from the group and guided meditations to help you draw your prosperity to you.

Sometimes insights and guidance will come directly from angels or the Teachers, a group entity, and you will have the opportunity to listen in as Jean channels their wisdom in their own words and energies.

- you will be invited to join a private Facebookgroup in which questions, experiences, challenges and victories can be discussed and shared!

Your Investment?

Your registration fee is $148

Sounds like a lot but consider -

14 weeks of support, 12 weeks of daily boosters, a free e-book to get you started, weekly lessons and conversations... for about $10 a week

To make it even easier, make a monthly payment of $49!

Truthfully we could be charging much, much more. But there is one more thing that makes this program radical. It takes some getting used to, perhaps, but dozens of people have discovered that this simple technique WORKS!

A Free e-book?

To get you started, you will also receive our important e-book "Introduction to Abundance" (a $50 value) and a special prosperity meditation free!

As soon as we receive your registration, we will send out the Intro course which will get you ready for RADICAL Abundance!

Ready to change your life?

I'm Ready for Radical Abundance!

Register Today

We can accept an electronic transfer or your VISA/Mastercard over the phone at 905-468-8448. You can also send an international money order to Box 1856, Niagara-on-the-Lake ON L0S 1J0

Call to arrange monthly payments.

Radical Abundance

$148 CDN (no tax)

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