Transformation Crosses - One of a kind reminders of Love and Blessing

Each Transformation Cross is co-created by the Angels.  Deb blesses and energizes the clay and the resulting images are both inspirational and moving, a touchpoint to Creator. When you see the one that calls to you, order it.  There will not be another like it ever again.

Angel of Peace

The beauty of this piece is more apparent in person.  Images of angels and a dove of peace

bring a sense of calm to all who hold it.
Perfect for someone who needs a sense of serenity.


Angel of Protection

Here we have a benevolent figure, a reminder of that heavenly helper we call our Guardian Angel.  Bold and beautiful, this image is a loving protector who assists us in any need.

Into the Light

The camera cannot catch the glitter of the silver trail rising to a doorway like a stairway to the heavenly realm.  A lovely and gentle peace with soothing energies.


Movement Forward

This cross is perfect for those going through transition and change in their lives.  Lovely colours cascade revealing images.  Those seeking guidance and direction may find it helpful.


There are so many images on this cross, it is a challenge to name them all.  At the bottom is a figure standing over a glowing fire.  This is a cross of prosperity and blessing for any venture or endeavor.

The Pieta

Jean held this cross and immediately recognized the images of Mary holding Jesus.  This cross will assist anyone going through a challenge, offering hope and a reminder that they are never alone.


Divine Love

This wonderful cross has an intense, uplifting feeling.  Holding it while praying or meditating offers reassurance and comfort.

Riding the Wave

Life is a journey with triumphs and challenges.  This cross brings a sense of calm through the day and healing to the heart.


Spiritual Connection

There are figures in the mist on the upper left.  This cross has much to reflect upon, prompting ideas and maybe even answers.

Radiant Love

Vibrant images give an instant lift to the Spirit.  Perfect for those who need a little pep in their step.


Wings of Angels

Creator's heavenly assistance are with us always.  This cross reminds you that you are never alone and angels attend you.

Peaceful Day

The gentle energies of this peace remind us that with God all things are possible - and all is ever well.