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Heartfelt Affirmation Pendants

There is a secret to this pendant. On the back is a power word, a word that has meaning to you, for your life and your circumstance.  

As you wear it, that word sits next to your heart, energizing and affirming what it is you wish to manifest or bring into your world.  

We call it "heartfelt" because it is in that deepest place where dreams are born.

The heart has a wisdom all its own, a wisdom born of longings and dreams, of hopes we dare not speak and wishes we make in whispers where no one can hear. – The Angel Ladies

A "Heartfelt" Gift for you or someone you love

How powerful is the heart! Despite the evidence of our senses, the heart lives in hope, stubbornly refusing to deny the possibility of its desires met in stunning miracle. We are guided by our hearts; they hold our deepest beliefs. 

The power of the heart is beyond calculation. What our heart tells us is true becomes a truth our lives express. So it is natural that we use this powerful symbol to hold what is most important to us. It may be a dream or vision. Perhaps it is a wish or longing. For some it is the ideas that encourage us, that keep us going during challenge. Sometimes it is a word that reminds us of who we are, what we have survived, what we are becoming. 

The Heartfelt pendants honor the language of the heart. Its swirls of color invite contemplation while the words on the back serve to remind you of what matters.

 It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

-- Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

What is written on your heart

Each heart is custom made and your secret word is inlaid on the back side of the piece, where it will sit near to your own heart as you wear it.

Choose from these words:

Trust, Family; Love; Believe; Hope; Faith; Joy; Dream; Laugh; Heal; Blessed; Grateful; Imagine; Courage; live, laugh love; believe in love; love and be loved; KARMA; beautiful; believe in yourself; dream a little dream; wish

 As you wear your pendant, it serves as a beautiful reminder of your own heart’s call to what is beautiful, what is true, what holds power and meaning for your life. 

 As a gift, it inspires the receiver’s own heart to great aspiration and invites them to recognize the power of their own heart.

 Each heart is made intentionally with angelic assistance, worked with care and love for the one who will wear it. It hangs from a black silk cord and comes in a gauze pouch.

A lovely gift for yourself or others, it retails for $20, plus $5 postage.

How to Order

Send your secret word choice and an etransfer for $20 plus $5 shipping to or choose your secret word and pay conveniently with Paypal. (If your word is not on dropdown menu, just pop us an email to address above.)

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