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Messages from the Angels

Angel Lady Deb or Angel Lady Jean ask the angels for a message to share.  We know that their words will bless you.

Dear Ones,

There are times in your life when you might wonder when things are going to get better. You look around and witness the heaviness of people's spirits as the news of the day and the reality of life weighs on the shoulders.

In your own life you may be going through challenges. You may be burdened by the many worries and concerns that come from time to time.

Dear one, when you are feeling the pressure of negative thought forms and when fear presses upon you, then it is time to ground and connect with your angels! Take a few moments to get quiet and call on your heavenly helpers to assist you with your needs and concerns.

Love is the resounding and triumphant expression of the Universe, but if you are not able to feel love or the blessings that await you, then we can assist. Love has called us to be with you and in the name of Love, we will guide and direct your course and lift you above the mundane to enjoy the beauty and wonder in your life once more.

All you need do is call on us and ask. You will be given what you need, dear child. Answers will come. Resolutions will be known. Miracles can happen! 

Today, let us work with you to bring you into the place where you are showered with blessings and light.

All is well. All is well.

Upcoming Workshop

August 17 on Zoom

7 pm to 8:30 pm


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