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Angelic Insights Phone Sessions with Jean

Jean has been doing readings for decades, and as she has worked ever more closely with the angels, she has pondered how best to describe those sessions.

When you book an angel session with Jean, you receive insights and understandings about your life and the concerns that trouble you

Whether it’s a relationship, life purpose, dissatisfaction in life -- any element of life that worries you, the Angels' messages offer new perspectives. 

Their words give you a window into the angelic world and help you replace worry and confusion with peace and clarity.

Angel readings don’t tell you what to do, they tell you what you need to know about issues so you can decide the course of action you wish to take.

Their Spiritual Guidance is transformational and given with love, compassion and respect.

Phone Readings

Angelic Guidance Reading



Angels are outside of time and space and therefore a phone reading with Jean is very much like sitting across the table from her.

As Jean channels your angels you receive guidance and assistance on any issue that is presenting or concerning you. It is important to know that angels do not predict nor do they tell you what to do. They will not interfere with your free will.

The reading is always uplifting and supportive, respectful of your journey and spiritual growth. An angel reading will never offer information that will upset or frighten you.

30-minute session $90               60-minute session $160

Tarot Reading

For those who prefer a reading from the tarot, Jean offers a spiritual interpretation based on the symbols shown to her by the Angels.


Again, this is not a predictive reading but can sometimes offer a different perspective on the challenges and questions presenting.

30-minute session $90               60-minute session $160

Email Readings with Jean

While phone readings can be effective and give answers and guidance in the moment, an email reading can offer more insights as Jean takes time to meditate and receives information for you.  

Like the phone reading, Jean offers an Angelic Guidance reading and a Tarot Reading from which to choose. 

The reading is sent to your inbox within 48 hours and you have a written record to which you can refer when you wish.

Payment Options

All readings are prepaid at time of booking; readings will be scheduled at mutual convenience. 


We can accept your VISA/Mastercard over the phone at 905-468-9502 or via email money transfer to


You can also pay online through Paypal below.  A small processing fee applies to Credit Card and Paypal bookings.

Phone Reading



30-minute reading with Jean

(plus a small processing fee)

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60-minute reading with Jean

(plus a small processing fee)

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Email Reading

Email reading with Jean

(plus a small processing fee)

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You are encouraged to take what resonates with your heart and disregard what does not. Readings are not a substitute for licensed, professional counseling for medical, financial, legal, or psychological issues. Readings and sessions are offered for your entertainment only. Liability and responsibility for any actions and decisions you choose to take are yours alone.

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