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Helping You Live Your Best Life through Spiritual Guidance and Coaching 

Jean is a respected Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Author and artist. She has a remarkable ability to tap into angelic and spiritual guidance to assist clients with their questions and concerns.

The teachings that she shares have changed many lives and helped people recover their joy and perspective in challenging times. She has an international clientele who appreciate her motivational and compassionate sessions.

Jean offers phone and email readings.  Email to book your phone reading, or arrange an email session.

30 minute Session  $90


60 minute Session $160

Email Sessions

Option 1 - Angelic Guidance
                   around an area of life or issue    $100


Option 2 - Tarot Reading
                    around an area of life or issue    $100

Receive a detailed channelled message from angels working with you in a situation or area of your life  $160

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