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A Channeled Message from the Angels

Loving Guidance from the Angels to You

Jean has been talking to her angels since she was a child.  It was always a little confusing when she discovered that others did not have the same kind of relationship with their heavenly friends, or doubted they even existed.

In this email reading, Jean will channel an angel message for you filled spiritual guidance to help you at his time of your life.

You will be given the angel's name, their message to you and any spiritual direction to help you on your journey.  

It is a powerful experience, one that will assist you and bring you knowledge of your purpose and blessings.

This very special offering will come to your inbox in 48 hours or less.


To book your channeled message, please send your request and e-Etransfer to    Credit cards can also be accepted at 905-468-8448.

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