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Dreamsmith Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Are you feeling broke?

Do you have a vision of what to do, but don't know how to make it happen?

Have you been trying to apply prosperity teachings with little success - or irregular success?

You need a Dreamsmith Prosperity session!

Available via phone, a session is empowering, energizing and exciting, giving you tangible steps towards realizing your goals and dreams, whether those goals are to achieve a lifelong dream or simply begin creating the life/wealth/health/happiness you desire.

With Jean's assistance, you can:

- explore the passions of your life and discover ways in which you can make money AND live your dream.

- get psychic support and answers through an intuitive reading

- learn to apply the reading and the consultation concretely to your business, question or dream NOW.

- gain motivational guidance and understanding into ways you can manifest your dreams

- learn to create the reality you are LONGING to live!

Dreamsmith sessions are focused on YOU and your dreams or goals. How can you get moving on them? How can you overcome the challenges they present? When you book a session, you and Jean will work on one of your goals or dreams that is going nowhere, has stalled, or seems to have hit a deadend. The session will be devoted to discovering insights and ideas that will get the energy flowing once more to that cherished goal.

Dreamsmith Prosperity Phone Sessions:


"Shot in the Arm"

Get moving on that goal! Motivational, fun with a ton of ideas generated just for you!

Length: 30 minutes.

Cost: $75.

No product


Prosperity Consultation

This session gives you indepth insights and a broader range of options you may implement to breathe life into your dreams.

 Length: 60 minutes.

Cost $130

No product


Intensive Session

Get to the heart of the goal and set a path to success. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to focus on bringing your dream to life.

1 1/2 hours in length.

Your investment is $200

No product

Follow up

Allows you to check in with Jean to discuss the progress you have made and new challenges which have presented. Together you will explore ways to break through to new success as you move toward achievement of your dreams.

Follow Up Session

Length: 60 minutes.

Cost: $100

No product


Electronic transfers are accepted or pay securely using the paypal buttons above. Call Jean at 905-468-8448 to book your appointment and get your dreams in motion!  

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