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New Workshop-

Self-Hypnosis: Mental Magic

Knowing that Angel Lady Jean is a certified Master Hypnotherapist, friends have asked for a workshop on self-hypnosis, and here it is. 

You might be thinking that 'magic' is a pretty strong word to use, but hypnosis is pretty magical in its impact on clients' lives. Self-hypnosis, too, is a wonderful tool to help you build the new life you long to experience. If you've had trouble being hypnotized, never fear: we have a process you can use to get the same result - and it's all in the workshop.

Who can be helped by learning self-hypnosis? Anyone who wants to 

  • Relieve stress, worry, or fear

  • Manage or eliminate pain

  • Handle medical treatments with greater mental/physical comfort

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Increase confidence in business and social settings

  • Improve performance (sports, music, singing, art, writing, etc.)

  • Learn faster and more easily

  • Break an undesired habit

  • Create a useful habit

  • Shift to a happier life perspective

Once you learn the process, you can use it anywhere, any time – and you can learn it right from the comfort of your home via our Zoom workshop.


Thursday October 22 and Thursday October 29

7 – 9:30 pm including questions and answers

Fee: $100.

Class Size: limited to 6

Too late? Put your name on the waiting list for the next workshop. Or, if you know five others who'd like to take the workshop, contact us to arrange a private session. 


Register by October 14 and save $25!

For a limited time, this two-session workshop is $125. You can send along an e-transfer to

Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt and you'll be notified if you are on the waiting list and when the next session will take place.

Pay conveniently though Paypal

$100 plus small processing fee

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Schedule a Private Zoom Session for you and five friends


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